Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Early Harvest Olive Oil) 500ml/16.9oz

Argo’s olive oil is characterized by its purity, its richness in nutrients, its low acidity and its extremely full yet at the same time subtle taste.




It is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Greece, cold-pressed immediately after the harvest, which is completed every year in mid-October. It is produced from unripe olives.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to have an acidity level lower than 0.3% and a high nutritional value, which offers a taste experience with health benefits.

The best that Greek nature has to offer!

It is added as a gourmet ingredient that elevates your cooking.

It comes from a range of olive oil with a pleasant fruity taste and a peppery finish and aromas of freshly cut grass, unripe fruit, herbs, tomatoes, flowers and nuts.

Olive Type : Chalkidiki, Megaritiki

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