Our beginning

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In 2020, two brothers envisioned the creation of a company that will be able to introduce quality Greek products to the whole world.

The Argo company is a Greek company based in Kavala since 2022. It is a purely family business, which maintains its structure and values ​​in a highly competitive environment.

The main activity is the marketing of products with olive as the main ingredient, after sorting them from the best producers active in the country.

Our Products

The company’s portfolio includes a multitude of oil products that combine quality with competitive prices as well as premium oils of high gastronomy.

We offer products and business solutions that ensure high profitability for our customers and high quality for our consumers.

Our Mission

Argo is characterized by providing high quality products and supporting and understanding the needs of each customer.

Armed with the experience, expertise and knowledge of its executives, the company serves the entire range of mass catering businesses both in Greece and abroad on a daily basis.

Our Goal

Argo aims to introduce to all kinds of cuisines and cultures the superior quality that the Greek harvest has to offer with its unique “gifts” such as taste, aromas and quality.

Our Vision

But the vision does not stop there and we are  actively developing dynamically our exports all over the world with the aim of more and more businesses and consumers to have the possibility to procure quality products, wherever they are.